In Koh Phangan Motorbike Helmet is a Must

May 21, 2023

Hey, guys! As seasoned road warriors, we’ve seen it all. Therefore we’ve got a simple and boring request: Wear a helmet, please. Even a minor accident, let’s say, a very silly falling in the turn you cannot take, can turn tragic if your head isn’t protected. Stats show helmets reduce head injuries by 69% and the risk of death by approximately 42%. In Thailand, around 20,000 people die on the roads each year, and about 90% of them were on a bike and not wearing a helmet. That’s a lot.

The basic helmets provided by the motorbike rental shops are an ok way to start but essentially are a joke. You can quickly and cheaply order one (that also looks nice, btw) on Lazada. Anyways, it’s a small price to pay for your essential safety.

Let’s ride smart, stay safe, and ensure our adventures are filled with joy and excitement for years to come.