All you need to know about tourist visa extension in Koh Phangan

February 1, 2023

You’ve had lots of incredible time on Phangan, you’re enjoying the lovely vibe of Inner Space Coworking and would like to stick around a bit longer? Your deepest Self says to stay, so renewing your tourist visa is the only way to have a couple more days in Phangan.

I’d like to offer some helpful tips* to make the process as smooth as a tropical breeze.

Having all the required documents duly filled before you head over to the Phangan Immigration Office will give you confidence when meeting a government employee and telling, look, I love it here, and I’d like to hang around a little longer. Could you please extend my stay for an additional 30 days? 

Take a deep breath and cross your fingers, or consider attending a yoga class or workshop to clear out negative energy, just to be safe…

So, where was I…

Yes, documents; it’s hard to believe, but physical paperwork is still a part of island life, so fill out the following documents as accurately as possible: 

  • TM.7 form

    When you fill out the TM.7 form and get to the photo part, attach a recent 4 x 6 cm photo of yourself taken within the last 6 months. That’s pretty straightforward; the only way to mess this up is if I say it in double Dutch.

    You can easily snag a passport photo at the immigration office or here. Also include your mobile number on the second page, right below your signature.

  • Next, fill out STM.2 form, which is as simple as pure water.

  • Then, get a TM.30 from your landlord (yeah, yeah, or landlady), resort, or hotel where you are staying.

    Getting this form ahead of time is like having a treasure map to success. Trust me; you’ll thank yourself later. Get it done ahead of time to avoid any potential delays.

  • Lastly, bring a long signed copy of your passport’s bio-data page and of the page with the entry stamp.

Alongside what I’ve listed above, keep the following in mind:

A face mask is a must 

COVID-19 is pretty much gone, but apparently, they are still crazy about observing COVID protocols in Phangan Immigration Office. Bring with you a mask; otherwise, they won’t see you without one. You will be sent away or asked to go back to the end of the line. And it has to be a proper mask, not a shirt, shawl, or snortkerchief. These are not island-chic.

Have your E-Visa within a reach

When extending your E-Visa, don’t forget to bring it along. It might not be necessary, but you might also be asked to show it.

Dress modestly

When visiting the Immigration Office, make sure to dress like you’re attending a formal temple ceremony! After all, official institutions here are just as holy as the temples themselves. Make sure your shoulders are covered (no vests, tank-tops or spaghetti straps) and skirts or shorts should be at least knee-length.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You’re already on your way to becoming an Olympic champion in filling out forms…but hold on! Don’t celebrate just yet! There’s one more requirement to achieve true greatness: 1,900 baht in cold hard cash. No plastic allowed!

These tips will get you well-prepared, but remember, this is Thailand where the only constant is the unexpected.

*As an EU passport holder, I can only speak to the regulations that apply to EU citizens.