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Discover a user-friendly and regularly updated list of all coworking places on Koh Phangan Island. Find them easily on Google Maps. We firmly believe that Koh Phangan is the coolest place to be for digital nomads and remote workers, making it one of the world’s top destinations in this regard. If… Read more

Hey, guys! As seasoned road warriors, we’ve seen it all. Therefore we’ve got a simple and boring request: Wear a helmet, please. Even a minor accident, let’s say, a very silly falling in the turn you cannot take, can turn tragic if your head isn’t protected. Stats show helmets reduce… Read more

You’ve had lots of incredible time on Phangan, you’re enjoying the lovely vibe of Inner Space Coworking and would like to stick around a bit longer? Your deepest Self says to stay, so renewing your tourist visa is the only way to have a couple more days in Phangan. I’d… Read more